Channel Modes



B Block messages with too much CAPITALIZATION.
b <mask> Bans users matching <mask> from joining the channel.
c Block messages to the channel containing color codes.
C Block CTCPs to the channel.
e <mask> Users matching <mask> are exempt from bans.
f {*}<num>:<sec> Allow only <num> messages from a user in <sec> seconds.  Offending users will be kicked.  If * is included, offending users will be banned.
F <num>:<sec> Nick flood control.  Only <num> changes within <sec> seconds are allowed.
I <mask> Allow users matching <mask> to bypass +i
i Make the channel invite-only.
J <#> Prevent users from rejoining a channel within <#> seconds of being kicked.
j <num>:<sec> Join flood protection.  Allow only <num> users to join the channel every <sec> seconds.
K Prevent use of the /KNOCK command on the channel.
k <key> Require <key> to join the channel.
l <#> Limit the channel to <#> users.
M Only users registered with Services may speak in the channel.
m Moderated channel.  Only users with +o, +h, or +v may speak.
n No external messages.
O Restricts the channel to opers-only.
o <nick> Gives channel operator status to <nick>.
p Private channel.  Will not appear in a /LIST.
R Only users registered with Services may join the channel.
S Color codes are stripped from messages sent to the channel.
s Secret channel.  Will not appear in /LIST or /WHOIS on users.
t Topic lock.  User must have +o or +h to change the channel topic.
v <nick> Give voice to <nick>.
y Mark IRC Operators with a special prefix (!) in the channel.
z Only users connected to the network via SSL may join the channel.