The Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL) is a free services provided by The Summit Open Source Development Group.  This service allows IRC networks, mail administrators and other security conscious system administrators to block services from potential threats. does not maintain this list or have any control over it's content.  We use this service because it is a tried and tested method of blocking threats from our services and because it has it's own team of people who are dedicated to maintaining, managing and adding/removing users from it.

If you've found yourself blocked from using because your IP address is present on this list you will need to take the following actions.

  1. Connect to the removal site (
  2. Have your IP address removed (this may take some time for the list maintainers to do)
  3. When you have been removed from the list and this can be confirmed go to our support page and request we remove network bans

Please be advised that we will not remove any bans until we can confirm the host no longer exists on the services list.  This is not because we're trying to be difficult; but if you still exist on the list our system will automatically ban you regardless.