Grand Re-Opening – 03/17/2010

The team is very happy to announce our Grand Re-Opening on 03/17/2010!  After 2+ years of us procrastinating and telling each other how much we really wanted to make something of this network we've gotten off our asses and have made great strides.  We're well on the way to building this network into our original dream for it.

What does a grand re-opening mean for an IRC network you ask?  Well, simply put every single piece of software used to run this network is either changing or being modified to suit our needs.  Below is a listing of everything we've done!

We've changed the IRC daemon (the core software that runs the network) to a platform that is actively developed, well supported, and modular so we can easily add features and or correct issues with minimal downtime.  We're leaving behind the Hybrid daemon and moving to InspIRCd.

We've moved to a services package (chanserv/nickserv) that has not been discontinued.  More importantly it adds more features, abilities, and the foundation for our future goals.  IRCServices is no longer being developed while Anope is actively developed and offers us great features such as an SQL database ... which means we can build a web interface to services for our users!

We've added many new security features to our network to help protect our users including revamped automated protection systems and pledging to only utilize updated and worthwhile blacklisting services.  We'll be using a modified BOPM bot and IRC Defender to help us control access.

We've launched a new website (after ours was down for months) to offer more updated content and the ability for us to add user desired content quickly and easily.  We've also re-established our CGI:IRC connection for users who are blocked from using IRC due to pesky network restrictions.

And we've done numerous changes to how our servers are administrated with a focus on any of our staff being able to easily update, fix, and manage all of our servers using a central configuration repository and automated tools.

And now that this work is done, we've set a date for Go-Live!  We intend to bring our new network online 03/17/2010.

If you've got a skill-set you think we can use, an idea you'd like to see become reality (IRC related), or just want to say, "Wow, you guys are my hero!" please feel free to join us in #procrast.  But remember, we use IRC to procrastinate from doing our very demanding day jobs, so we may not respond immediately!


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Finding motivation

Greetings all! btk, myself and a handful of the original founders have found a surge of recent motivation. We've been directing our energy at this IRC network and are very happy to have some positive news about our future shortly. While you see very little up front, rest assured that our team is working hard behind the scenes to try and advance this network.

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We’re back!

As you may have noticed, we lost our web site several months ago.  It was hardware related.  True to our name, we took our time rebuilding it.  We're still not finished, but we hope you'll find this site to be at least a marginal improvement over the server timeouts.

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